Professional Evaluations by Licensed Psychologists

Formal Diagnoses, Personalized Support

  • It’s Familiar

    Teens and young adults already love connecting online.

  • It’s as Close as Your Computer

    Students living far from competent Psychologists can now get honest and accurate evaluations. Parents save time and money from driving to appointments and missing work

  • It's Effective

    Recent research for video teleconferencing testing is still in emergence but studies clearly indicate it is as accurate and reliable as in-person evaluations.

  • It's Professional

    Dr. Eisenberg uses only HIPAA secure high quality Internet platforms that maintain confidentiality.


How it Works

Call, text or email Littleton ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia Center at  

with your questions and/or to set up the initial appointment.

At this time staff will decide if your situation is appropriate for online. (Children younger than 10 are generally not accepted as well as those with more complex psychiatric backgrounds).

Links for the appointment will be sent to you via email. Students and Parents (Adults by themselves or with a spouse) meet together with Dr. Gary Eisenberg to discuss the individual’s background, their concerns, and get comfortable with the Platform and process.

Subsequent testing appointments (usually 2) require you by yourself in front of the computer in a quiet room.

The final session, called the feedback session, takes one hour in which the doctor reviews the results including:

  • pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses and
  • setting a “gameplan” for actions appropriate to the diagnosis and concerns.

Your final written report will be emailed to you and any other third parties who request a copy such as:

  • SAT or LSAT type boards,
  • any school or college, or
  • a doctor.

Struggling with academics can be frustrating and disheartening, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery. Dyslexia or Learning Disabilities testing can shed light on the reasons behind underperformance and unveil the path to teaching to your unique strengths. 

Many students with ADHD, learning disabilities including dyslexia, other psychological disorders or medical disorders benefit from having extended time for high-stakes tests like the ACTs, SATs, MCATs and LSATs. Because of the demands of the Educational Testing Service and other testing groups, a good evaluation for extended time is highly comprehensive and not only includes test results but a full explanation of the student’s learning style or lack thereof.

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Ask our office about:

  • Dyslexia/Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia
  • Attention disorders
  • Learning disabilities
  • How to have  extended-time testing approved.
  • Eligibility for IEP, Section 504, College or Testing accommodations.

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